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eWaterPay continuing the partnership with Safe Water Network in Ghana

Safe Water Network is a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing and implementing small water enterprises that are financially viable. Together eWaterPay and Safe Water Network are committed to bringing safe, reliable, and affordable water to those in most need through innovative technology and digital finance initiatives. Safe Water Network was founded in 2006 by Paul Newman, John C. Whitehead and Josh Weston, since then it has opened offices in India and Ghana. 

During 2019 eWaterPay and Safe Water Network continued the partnership together to roll out more eWaterPay smart water dispensers in Ghana. As of January 2020, Safe Water Network have installed approximately 120 dispensers across 20 villages in Ghana serving over 13,500 people. eWaterPay enables live tracking of water for every single litre dispensed via a Safe Water Network water system. As seen in the graph below water collection via eWaterPay dispensers is growing as Safe Water Network scales its small water enterprises.

Water collection graph via eWaterPay dashboard from July 2019 and January 2020.

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