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Gambia Success, 16 new eWATERpay taps in Jalambereh

eSu  – the Gambian company established to operate eWATERpay in The Gambia completed installation of a further 16 eWATERpay taps yesterday in Jalambereh village to take the total number of villages to 7. There are now  78  upgraded eWATERpay taps serving over 15,000 people in The Gambia.  Over 4 million litres of water is purchased each month using eWATERpays unique digital global payment system. That means that every cent, or dalasi spent by consumers is tracked through eWATERcare so the consumer can really trust that their money will be used to pay for essential maintenance and repairs. At 1-2 cents US Cent per 20 litre jerry can the water is affordable and sustainable. Where else in sub-Saharan Africa can that truly be said?


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