Smart Technology

eWaterPay is a pre-payment smart tap that ensures all revenue is tracked and accountable and transparently used by private organisations or governments to pay for maintenance of systems

How it Works

eWaterPay, Mobile Money and NFC Technology

Water consumers can purchase eWater credit via Mobile Money, which is then stored in the eWater Tag. Mobile money purchases can be sent to water dispensers via Amazon Web Services MQTT and arrives in minutes. Through remote pre-payment, government organisations, diaspora and international donors are able to purchase and send trackable water credit to dispensers at schools and health clinics. eWater technology works in the most rural areas with poor data connectivity, using super low bandwidth mobile connections. In rural, offline locations NFC technology enables consumers to purchase credit directly on to their tag and still collect water from a dispenser.

eWater Dispenser

Harnessing Internet of Things (IoT) and NFC technology eWater dispensers allow for water to be collected with an eWater tag, deducting credit as water flows. This simple gesture records the transaction, extracts a minimal payment and starts the water flowing. Revenue generated from this simple tap-and-pay method is then used for sustainable operations and maintenance. All water usage and dispenser health data is collected through live monitoring of the entire water system.

Live data monitoring and analytics

eWater dispensers communicate seamlessly with our unique cloud-based analytics software providing stakeholders and water operators with real time data on their water system. eWaterPay software captures all transactions on a private centralised local ledger for transparent financial reporting. Our software enables customisable usage reporting based on each water system and individual water dispensers.


eWaterCare is a remote technical monitoring software service that identifies a number of operational and performance issues in water systems. The software detects low flow rates, faults and dispenser health to enabling a rapid response from operations and maintenance teams. Operations and maintenance teams are sent SMS messages when faults are identified or immediate investigation is required.


Data collected from eWater dispensers are used to ensure the availability of water systems to give local communities 24/7 access to water. Engineers complete jobs and send simple commands to a dispenser from a basic mobile phone to diagnose faults. Once a dispenser is fixed, engineers can complete mobile service logs to ensure continuous improvement of water systems quickly.

Over $15 billion is spent on water infrastructure in the developing world each year

40% of systems break after 2 years as there is no trackable revenue for maintenance

93% Africans have access to a mobile phone

3 Ways to Pay

Mobile Money

Use mobile money from over 12 Mobile Network Operators’s in East and West Africa. Pay by text using a regular phone and pick up credit by touching your tag onto the tap.

App & Cash

Pay by cash to a neighbour, shopkeeper or water seller who can transfer eWater credit directly to a registered tag using mobile money. Smart phone users can buy credit through the eWaterPay app and top up tags directly.

Remote Gift

Government departments, urban relatives and international donors can purchase and donate trackable eWATERcredit for any registered tag user. Health clinic and schools can receive an allocation of water.

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