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Project Maji Using eWaterPay Smart-Technology for Longer Term Sustainability!

  Original content from Project Maji.   [caption id="attachment_7941" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Demonstrating our new Project Maji eWaterPay solution.[/caption] Did you know that at any given time across sub-Saharan Africa, between 40-60% of handpumps remain broken, simply due to lack of funds to carry out regular maintenance? A shocking statistic! Built by...

Involving the private sector in rural water services: lessons from Sangara Village, Tanzania – WaterAid

Original article on WASHmatters by WaterAid "Two of the greatest challenges to rural water services – inextricably connected – are sustainability and financing. Priya Sippy, Emma Williams and Severine Allute describe how WaterAid Tanzania worked with local government and private partners to successfully pilot technology, a...