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‘We Give Water USA’ partner with eWaterPay to rehabilitate Wellingaraba, The Gambia

In June 2019 We Give Water, based in the USA, partnered with eWaterPay to rehabilitate and repair the water system in Wellingaraba, The Gambia. Previously, the water system had been dysfunctional for up to 18 months and the local community were desperate for clean, accessible and reliable water. The borehole, pump, inverter and solar panels were all not functioning and in dire need of replacement and repair. 

eWaterPay Gambia Team wearing their We Give Water t-shirts in support of the new Wellingaraba project

Wellingaraba is a cosmopolitan village with a population of approximately 7,000 people: situated around the border villages of south Senegal. The location of the village has made it attractive to traders, and it has become a trading center for many people in the Gambia. The people of Wellingaraba are predominantly herders and agrarians. The most successful people of this village are traders and farmers who grow rice, cassava, early millet, maize, ground nuts, and gardening. The main source of income is agriculture and business. Due to its strategic location, Wellingaraba has attracted settlers from all over the country and the village population is on the increase day by day.


Wellingaraba, The Gambia in West Africa

Together, We Give Water and eWaterPay installed 18 IOT enabled, solar powered water meters, where just one bucket of safe water is US$ 0.01. Installing eWaterPay meters provides a sustainable water system where revenue is transparently collected and reinvested into the operations and maintenance of the water system. Water consumers can purchase eWater credit via Mobile Money or with cash and transfer on to their eWaterPay Tag which is then used to dispense water at a tap. Our digital, solar powered smart taps allow eWaterPay to track consumption patterns and alert engineers about maintenance data. This model is key to increasing the longevity of the system and providing 24/7 access to clean water to the local community.

Prior to eWaterPay the people of Wellingaraba were not able to access clean water for their basic needs, causing stress on economy and community. The key objectives of a newly funded sustainable water systems was to:

● To provide clean and safe water to everyone
● To mitigate the rate of girls not participating in education due to their role as water collectors
● To improve the overall health of the Wellingaraba people
● To help reduce fatal water borne diseases
● To reduced the time and distances currently endured by walking to water sources and long queues


Since the rehabilitation and implementation of eWaterPay meters, there has been consistent usage of the water system due to its reliability and eWaterPay data can confirm this impact with data collected via our data dashboards.

The graph below shows the increase in water collection hours of up to 19 hours a day, ranging from 5am to 11pm. Prior to the installation many taps were locked and water collection was limited to when a tap attendant was available.

Data collected between June 2019 to December 2019.

The graph below shows the total water usage via eWaterPay meters over 7 months, inclusive of the rainy season when most people maximise rain water rain water collection.

Data collected between June 2019 to December 2019.

Following the success of the Wellingaraba water system, We Give Water and eWaterPay are collaborating to bring a sustainable water system to Ndemban, The Gambia.

To continue the impactful work our organisations are doing together donate to We Give Water here: https://www.wegivewater.org/




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